Interior design studio

Every project we undertake is approached in a unique way, but there are fundamental
approached in a unique way, but there are fundamental principles
that guide our work: the relentless pursuit of absolute quality and the use of
quality and the use of exceptionally sourced materials
materials; the collaboration with skilled craftsmen who bring our creations
craftsmen who bring our creations to life, and
our dedication to excellence in everything that bears our name.
bears our name.


Nuestra filosofía se fundamenta en un enfoque conceptual que se nutre de lo sorprendente e inesperado, y se apoya en nuestra amplia experiencia , lo que nos permite lograr resultados únicos y distintivos

Unique projects

Every interior design project we undertake is approached in a unique way. Our capabilities extend to creative and practical solutions, working on both large-scale projects and private homes. We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, design and service, as your satisfaction is paramount to us.


Our distinctive style is achieved through a delicate balance between intuitive design and meticulous planning. We avoid ephemerality and imitation, prioritising that our creations are authentic and endure over time. We fervently believe that a house should become a real home, and every space we design is meant not only to be lived in, but also to be loved.


 We place special emphasis on details and understand the emotional power they can generate in people, which is fundamental in each of our projects.

Integral Solutions​

At Studio Abadía   we are passionately dedicated to the world of design and decoration. We have a team of highly specialised collaborators in each area, which allows us to offer comprehensive and global solutions to our clients.

Timeless Spaces​

 We seek to create timeless, unique and welcoming spaces. In each project, we carefully combine pieces and materials from different trends, always maintaining harmony. Our aim is to achieve personal spaces.
We firmly believe that this personalised attention is the key to achieving unique and personalised designs in each project.

Dominamos el arte de dar vida a casas, hoteles, apartamentos, oficinas y cualquier espacio que pueda imaginar.

Descubre  cómo transformamos lo común en extraordinario.


Interior design service

LHotel Cordial Malteses. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Hotel Cordial Malteses. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


• Estudio de interiorismo

Plans, infographics and renderings.

Interior design of hotels and tourist accommodation

• Diseño espacios comerciales. 

Complete refurbishment.​

Project management.


Home staging for properties for sale or rent​

Selection of materials and finishes.​

Space optimisation and organisation.​

Kitchen and bathroom design.​

Selection of furniture.​